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2017 Cypress Health Region Employee Lottery

Sign up now! If you would like to sign up for the 2017 CHR Employee Lottery, click the link below, print the pdf, fill it out and return it to CHR Payroll. CHR Employees can join the lottery up until the end of June 2017. We are once again drawing for $1000 every payday, that's $26,000 for the year, plus a bonus $5000 draw on the last draw date of the year. Sign up by December 19 for the Early Bird Draw and your chance at an additional $500 Prize! This lottery is open to Cypress Health Region employees only.

2017 CHR Employee Lottery License #RR16-0331

 Click here for CHR Employee Lottery Rules & Regulations

2016 Cypress Health Region Employee Lottery

Sign up soon for 2017! If you missed signing up for the 2016 CHR Employee Lottery, don't miss out in 2017! for only $5 per payday, you could win $1000 each and every payday all year long, that's $26,000 for the year, plus a bonus $5000 draw on the last draw date of the year! You can also opt for $10 per payday and Double your Chances! New CHR Employees can join the lottery up until the end of 2016. This lottery is open to Cypress Health Region employees only. Look for details coming soon on the 2017 CHR Employee Lottery.

2016 CHR Employee Lottery License #RR15-0257


The 2015 Cypress Health Region Employee Lottery is wrapped up for the year. 26 - $1000 draws, plus a $5000 end of year bonus draw! Congratulations to our 2015 winners posted below! Proceeds from the 2015 lottery will be used to Keep Healthcare Strong in southwest Saskatchewan, thanks to those who have participated. If you are a CHR Employee and you want to participate this year, print the form below, fill it out and submit it to Payroll. (Past participation does not mean you are automatically enrolled in subsequent lotteries, you must enroll each year.) You could be one of our big winners in 2016!
(2014 Lottery Licence RR15 0257).

It all started with the 2012 CHR Employee Lottery (Lottery Licence RR11 0310) which was a huge success, providing 26 employee 'winners', and contributing $55,000 to the Foundation that was then returned to the communities in the form of healthcare equipment.

In 2013, we ran it again and had 26 lucky winners, and a further $45,400 in contributions to improve the quality of care provided to the residents of Southwest Saskatchewan. (2013 Lottery Licence RR12 0395)

Our 2014 lottery, awarded $31,000 in prizes, but also afforded us the ability to provide 9 centrifuges to facilities in the Cypress Health Region, keeping labs operating with the equipment they need, and Keeping Healthcare Strong! (2014 Lottery Licence RR13 0451).

The $5,000 CHR Employee Lottery bonus draw winner for 2016 is Constance Redekop!

The $1,000 CHR Employee Lottery winners for 2016 are:

January 15th, Yvonne Wiche
January 29th, Tasha Dueck
February 12th, Colene Stennick
February 26th, Anne Rosvold
March 11th, Beverly Becker
March 25th, Debbie Seaborg
April 7th, Shawn Smith
April 22nd, Twyla Spetz
May 6th, Kari Reich
May 20th, Raelene Stewart
June 3rd, Randy Morris
June 16th, Kennet Jarligo Reimer
June 30th, Terri Moberg
July 15th, Esther Sigurdson
July 29th, Dwight Booth
August 12th, Rocky Penner
August 26th, Tamara Sourwine
September 9th, Beth Adashynski
September 23rd, Terri Moberg
October 7th, Rhonda Webber
October 21st, Susan Stolson
November 3rd, Brenda Machan
November 17th, Deborah Hart
December 2nd, Brandi Machan
December 16, Jennifer Hennig
December 30, Krista Tourigny

The $1,000 CHR Employee Lottery winners for 2017 are:

January 13th, Dorothy Gillis
January 27th, Megan Garner
February 10th, Suzana Morrison
February 24th, Mandie Sanderson
March 10th, Dennetta Warberg
March 24th, Stacie Empey
April 7th, Ellen King
April 21st, Shari Wiebe
May 5th, Sammy Khalife
May 19th, Irene Anderson
June 2nd, Jill Stevenson
June 18th, Jeanette Zeeb
June 30th, Penni Caron
July 14th, Mary Tardif
July 28th, Bailey Heggestad

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