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Making vital investments in the health and well-being of
families in Saskatchewan's Great Southwest

Giving Long-term care a new home.

Give now... for our communities, and for generations to come.
Recent News

Living Sky Casino Fountain Proceeds to Foundation!

The Living Sky Casino fountain/water feature at their main entrance, designed by Senior Operations Manager Damone Caron, is not only a great addition to the front of the casino, but it may just…


Innovation Credit Union matches their Challenge!

Innovation Credit Union stepped forward not only as a donor, but as a community leader in the 'A Welcome Home' campaign for The Meadows. Innovation Credit Union challenged all financial institutions, insurance advisors


Sandra Schmirler Foundation helps Maternity at CRH!

A new piece of equipment has been added to the Women's and Children's ward of the Cypress Regional Hospital, thanks to the generosity of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation. The Panda Infant Warmer is…



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